Get active

There are many ways to support us in our work:

  • Come to our events!

Dates for upcoming events can be found here.

  • Get to know us at one of our meetings or on appointment.
  • Pass on information, e.g. from our website, to others!
  • Participate in signature collections or e-mail campaigns.
  • Work with us on one of our projects!
  • Working for human rights requires constant attention and active involvement: take part!

If you do not want to participate continually and would rather like to first get to know us and our work better, you can take part in (temporary) projects, e.g.

  • compiling an exposition
  • translation of texts
  • creating archives and address files
  • compilation of information sheets regarding certain human rights issues
  • and many more
  • Working for human rights also costs money.

Become a member or supporting member of “MENSCHENRECHTE 3000 e.V.” (“HUMAN RIGHTS 3000 registered association”) (from 25.00 € / year) contact form.

or make a donation to support us!


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Account No. 21 33 57 03

MENSCHENRECHTE 3000 is recognised by the finance office Freiburg as a non-profit organisation. Donations are tax-deductible.